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Mr. Mohamed Al Banna

Starting his career in banking, with a foundation built on nearly two decades in the financial industry, Mohamed’s transition into advisory and executive roles demonstrates his adaptability and visionary mindset. His famous quotes, “The sky is just the start,” and “Your Network is your net-worth,” encapsulate his belief in thinking expansively and leveraging the power of relationships.

Mohamed’s influence extends beyond traditional boundaries, as he provides strategic advice to members of royal family offices in the UAE.

His knack for identifying and nurturing potential ideas into successful ventures has paved the way for countless entrepreneurs and executives. Lead Ventures, the strategic advisory firm he founded, has facilitated partnerships and commercial growth for numerous prominent entities.

Mohamed Al Banna’s multifaceted endeavors showcase his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to fostering connections. His passion for blending sports and networking into unique gatherings underscores his innovative approach to business.

Additionally, as a partner in a chain of successful restaurants, an art gallery and a reputed web 3 project ( crypto arabs) he’s demonstrated his penchant as not only a strategic advisor but also as someone deeply involved in the operational side of ventures.

Even amidst the challenges of COVID-19, Mohamed remained proactive, launching Connect Lead to support SMEs and foster strategic collaborations. His expertise spans diverse industries, including education, retail, technology, and more, where he excels in strategic advisory as well as mentorship roles.

Notably, he has advised and continues to advise esteemed members of royal families and organizations like Insurance™ and the Canadian Business Council Abu Dhabi along with mentoring individuals across the globe as well as students from the prestigious Hamdan bin Mohamed Smart university.

Mohamed’s philosophy centers on unlocking potential and fostering creativity.

He believes that everyone possesses an “X Factor” and strives to guide individuals toward entrepreneurship through purpose-driven mentorship.

Each day, he wakes up with a clear sense of purpose, dedicated to realizing new ideas and empowering others to find their path to success. As his journey continues, Mohamed Al Banna’s impact is bound to grow even further

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